Friday, January 18, 2013

Welcome To My New Blog

This blog is about sharing my authentic life through creativity; years ago I decided I wanted a home which reflected who I am by creating an environment which fosters comfort and relaxation.  Since I am forever changing and evolving as time moves on so must my home, resulting in constant creative improvements through upcycling, decorating and organizing.  With the world in such turmoil I know many of us are looking to home for comfort and refuge, we are spending our time and money to make it a warm safe place to be.  I wanted to write this blog so I could share how you can create your own inviting place to retreat to at the end of each hectic day.  This is the blog to help you get there so tune in often and find your authentic life right in your own home.

For those of you who like to quilt, sew garments or make interior d├ęcor items I am still blogging over at I decided to break apart my projects so those of you who have no interest in sewing can still see all of my other projects and vice versa. If you are not familiar with Buttons, Bows & Bling, it is a creative blog site where I shared ALL of my creative projects, not just my sewing projects, there are over a hundred great posts which show a variety of room makeovers, landscaping projects, curb appeal, recycled furniture makeovers, upcycling garments, quilts, sewing projects of all kinds, organization tips, party planning and adding that special bling to just about any project….that being said it was time to return Buttons, Bows & Bling back to its original intention, a sewing blog, all the rest will be seen here.  If you love to decorate, organize, upcycle and create all kinds of crafts be sure you sign up for both blogs so you can see all the past projects in my archives and also see any projects I sew up for my interior design projects, you will get notified by email about anything I am working on.
***Please note: I will probably only be posting on one site at a time so do not worry about getting a lot of email notices all at once, that would be too crazy for me to maintain, I have not gone completely nuts, yet!

I look forward to sharing all of my projects with you over the next few months, I have so many things planned I can not wait to get started.  Please hang in there with me for a bit longer as we work the bugs out of our new blog, there should be a project post up sometime late next week, maybe sooner with a little luck.
See you soon.


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