Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Upcycle With Duck Tape

I must confess I have fallen in love with some new products over the last couple of months.  I am crazy about the new Duck Tape printed adhesive sheets and rolls of color Duck Tape; I want to put them on everything! I also fell hard for the new Scotch Expressions tape, they are so pretty in a variety of colors, the pinks and blues are among my favorites so far.  I had a great time finding projects I could try them on, here is what I did.

I went to may shelf of ordinary notebooks; this one is by Mead, pulled it off the shelf and gave it a quick and easy makeover.  I chose a cool black and white Zebra print Duck Tape sheet to paper over the existing cover.  The adhesive back makes it easy to create a fast cover giving the front of the notebook more body and making it sturdy and resistant to spills and stains. The sheet was not quite long enough to cover the book top to bottom so I centered it then used two layers of the Scotch Expressions tape to fill in the top, bottom and left side of the book cover. Last but not least I labeled it with my label maker so I would know the contents, all done and ready to use.  I have a bunch of those notebooks in boring basic colors which need a bit of bling, I can not wait to get going on the rest.

The very first project I ever created with a Duck Tape sheet was my Creative Inspiration Journal.  My journal kept getting fatter and fatter and the cover was not holding up well at all, it was getting very ragged.  In the past I covered basic sketch books with scrapbook papers, embellishments and clear plastic covers, all of which took a lot of time and effort.  I thought about using the same materials again for my newest inspiration journal but kept putting it off until I stumbled (literally) into the Duck Tape display at Staples.  Here was something to give my journal some stability and bling without all the time and expense.  Leopard is my all time favorite print and there it was on the stand, I bought several, you never know when you might need some leopard print for something.  Thanks to the tape sheet the cover is holding up well, at least until the pages start to fall out, I will just hole punch them and use the cover on the binder they will go into, I always have a backup plan!

This was a quick little project using a roll of Duck Tape with the 49er Football team logo on it.  For my husband’s birthday I threw him a football themed party featuring his favorite team the San Francisco 49ers.  I collected all kinds of themed items for several months before the party, but I could not find drinking cups to go with our theme so my daughter and I decided to make our own.  We purchased some red cups and cut out the logos from the tape and put them on each cup, no one even knew we made them, mission accomplished. Quick, easy and lots of fun to make!  You really have to get some of these products and see what you can do with them.

Thanks for letting me share my Duck Tape projects with you today, there are more to come in the very near future.  Remember to think outside the box and you will have a colorful and creative environment to work and play in.
See you soon.


Please Note: I have not been paid or sponsored to promote any of the above products; I just love to share great products and projects with all of you as I happen upon them.  Maybe someday that will be the case but not at the present time, I will let you know if and when that ever happens.

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