Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adventures With Adhesives

I am obsessed with all the new adhesive products I keep finding out there on the crafting market, I am having a great time working with several different kinds of adhesive products as I clean out and organize my creative spaces.  My last post featured the Duck Tape sticky sheets, printed tapes and the new products by Scotch Tape.  Today’s project will feature some Adhesive Mat papers and the Scotch Expressions Tape which I will be using to bling up some office supply accessories and some storage containers in my kitchen pantry, every girl needs a little bling in her everyday world.

First up were the cookbooks in my pantry, some of those books are very old and kind of falling apart, I wanted a place to keep them for easy access so into the pantry they went.  Unfortunately I found a problem with the wire shelving we used for storage, (it was a re-use/re-purpose project) the books kept falling through the wire and would not line up leaving it looking messy no matter what I did.  While cleaning out my office shelves I came across several old magazine holders which had seen better days but were still in pretty good shape, the light bulb went on.

I went looking for something to cover up the steel gray color of the holders, they were kind of boring and had old super stuck on labels which were not coming off.  I went to my scrapbook paper stash to see what pretty prints I could stick onto the front of the holders and found some great adhesive paper mats, no double stick tape or hot glue needed, just peel and stick. I was very careful to measure and line up all the stripes as I cut them out and stuck each paper to the magazine holders. All lined up with everything nice and neat, it only took about 10 minutes to give my pantry shelves some color, the new jumping off point for all the rest of the storage containers I plan to use to organize that closet space very soon.

Time to get back to organizing my office storage spaces.  I have a secret, I have a love affair with good old fashioned pencils and I just adore the pretty printed ones the most.  I actually lust after all the pencils in the dollar bins at Target and Michael’s; if I see them I have to have them, needless to say I am getting quite a collection of pencils and had nowhere to put them without creating more clutter.  Ah oh!!! Now what? I looked around for several containers to put them in and found two choices, a clear recycled pickle jar and a rod iron basket.  The pencils looked great in the iron basket but they kept falling through the openings as I filled up the basket, which was just not going to work so the pickle jar was the best choice.

I could see all the lovely colors but the jar was very plain so I brought out my favorite tape to add some bling to my jars, I needed three jars to hold all my pencils and a few special pens. I alternated the tapes on each jar to give each one its own personality making them a nice set which would look very pretty when I placed them on my shelves together.

Here they are in their new home next to my resource file box and another magazine holder I covered with the adhesive mat paper. They are bright and cheerful sitting there together, I just love the look.  You will see the rest of the bookcase makeover in a later post when I finish the rest of the clean up and storage solutions, keep reading to see that one soon.

Thanks for joining me today to see my newest adhesive projects, there are probably still a few more items I will be using some kind of adhesive products on since I am on a mission to re-purpose as many objects as I can for storage.  Keep reading to see what I am up to next.

I want to wish each of you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Enjoy the Love!!!

See you soon.


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