Thursday, August 8, 2013

Office Relocation-Expansion

Recently I read a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers, Jen at IHeart Organization, talking about the changes she was planning to make in her blogging style and content.  The post really spoke to me when she talked about trying to write her posts in real time (as it happens) instead of after the project was completed.  I love the idea and think I will give it a try for any new upcoming projects I plan to do in the next few months.  I do still have a ton of projects I already completed during the spring and summer months so I believe you will get a mixture of both, how fun is that going to be!

With that being said, I am going to share my newest project which is the relocation and expansion of my office from the guestroom into what was the toy room.  If you follow me on a regular basis you already know I completed that project just a year ago, but things and family needs change, the room was not getting any use.  I thought the grandchildren would be here a lot more often then they have been, we usually go visit them at their house a few blocks away so the room sits unused.  My little blue desk was crammed into a small space in the guest room which was fine until I decided to expand my business and blogging enterprises.  I really love that guestroom but I am claustrophobic and the more I worked in there the worse it got, pretty soon I was not working or writing in that tiny space at all, hence the need for change.  It truly made more sense to take over the toy room, all I had to do was move around the Expedite bookcases, reconfigure them to fit my current needs and take out the toys, maybe not quite as easy as I first thought but I did not need to paint or take down any shelving or wall decals, just tweak them all a bit.  Time to share the photos of what we have done so far, here we go.

First up, out came the toys and we took off the long padded cushions we put on the bookcases we turned on their sides to make benches. We also took down the drapes making the room much brighter and more spacious; the room is the smallest one in the house.

We immediately moved around the double and single Expedite bookcases (from IKEA) all around the room trying to decide on the best configuration for the use of the room.  You are probably wondering why we needed all that storage; I will get back to that in a little bit.  Once we had them in place we brought in my small turquoise desk from the guestroom and realized it was way too small for the space and the kind of work I was currently doing.  I really did not want to buy another desk and was totally depressed until my smart Hubby remembered the Art Deco desk I had in storage.  It was totally buried in the absolute farthest corner of our large storage unit piled high with boxes and other stuff; I completely forgot about it! Chalk up one for the Hubby! The desk was used in my outside studio in our old home for over 20 years; since it is metal it could take all the extreme changes in weather and not get damaged at all.  We spent several hours digging out the desk then putting everything back into place.  The monster desk is really big which is why my husband thought it would be perfect for the space, it measures 60” long x 21” wide, a perfect work surface.  We were really worried it would not fit up the stairs and into the space but he managed to muscle it up the stairs and into place without a problem.  I really love the size of the desk top, all the drawer space and how it just fits between the bookcases.  The thing I did not love was the color, it is a nasty mauve/pink, the original color it was painted way back when it was new. It made the bookcases and room look awful, my husband assured me we could get it professionally painted a high gloss white to go with everything else in the room; thank you my darling!

That was as far as we got the first day with all the organization of the storage unit and moving everything around.  You will have to read about the rest tomorrow to see how things progressed.  I will give you a bit of a teaser with some of the accessories I planned to use in the room, they are so pretty!  I decided to keep with my blue theme using several tones of aqua and turquoise and several shades of green with touches of yellow here and there.  I can’t wait for you to see the rest!
See you soon,


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