Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Small Office Organization Part 2

I have a very small office which resides in the guest bedroom, I really don’t need a very big space since I pretty much just use it to write my blog and store some paperwork.  Even though I don’t need much space it still has to be attractive and efficient so I can prepare for guests at a moments notice, without having to scoop up pile of papers and shove them into any available space.  My biggest problem is all the misc pieces of paper, receipts and statements and all the rest waiting to be dealt with then filed away, they tend to pile up fast. I do not have room for a filing cabinet or in and out boxes so I improvised, here is what I did.

I purchased some blue plastic wall mount envelopes from the Martha Stewart Home Office Collection; I thought they might work on the side of the bookcase next to my printer.  They were kind of plain looking, but the right color for the room, so I purchased some Scotch Expressions Tape I thought would look good as an embellishment on the envelopes.  I placed the tape horizontally in several spots along the width of each of them then added some labels to identify what would be in each one. They fit perfectly within easy reach right down the side of the bookcase, great for holding all the bits of paper I seem to collect. They are so cute with their blue polka dots and they pick up the colors in the room too! There you have it, a quick little project for organizing all those pieces of paper just waiting for attention.

Thanks for letting me share my quick and easy organization project with you, there are still a few more to show you as I go along.  Now that I am done with the big party I hosted for my Husband’s birthday last weekend I can get back to working on my office clean up.
See you soon.



  1. Omg! I love these. great idea and the use of the designer tape. gives me more ideas and inspiration.

  2. I am very happy I inspired you, go girl, keep on creating!


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